Privacy Policy and Intellectual Property Rights

Thank you for visiting our Web site and learning about our Privacy Policy and Intellectual Property Rights. The Centre québécois de lutte aux dépendances (CQLD) Web site does not place cookies on the users’ hard disks. However, this Web site contains links to other Web sites.

Some websites may put permanent or temporary cookies on visitors’ hard disks. For more information, you are advised to read the Privacy Policy of these Web sites. Furthermore, no personal information is required unless the Web surfer has given his/her authorization beforehand.

The information supplied automatically from one computer to another cannot identify you personally. It is collected only because of the technological requirements related to Internet navigation and is used for statistical purposes.

If You Send Us Personal Information

If you choose to send us personal information (by email, through the mailbox, or by filling in a form and submitting it through our website), we will only use the information needed to reply to your message and to follow up on it. The same privacy measures are used to process electronic messages and regular mail.

Links to Other Sites

Our website provides links to other Web sites dealing with addiction-related issues. When leaving the CQLD’s site, the shared information is no longer subject to the CQLD’s Privacy Policy but to that of the private site, if applicable.

Intellectual Property Rights

The CQLD has the Intellectual Property Rights to this website and therefore owns all information presented in it. Unless otherwise stated, CQLD’s rights apply to all documents, data, compilations and other work disseminated in this website. These rights include copyrights, trade marks and patents. For example, the data and information compilations in this website are protected by copyright in the same manner as are multimedia, literary, musical or artistic works. Provided the source is cited, anyone can, without authorization or cost, reproduce through any support or download documents, data, compilations and other work in this website for personal use. Any commercial use requires previous authorization in writing from CQLD.

The use of items covered by such rights by a third party must, unless otherwise specified, be subject to an authorization, licence, permission or grant of interest in copyright by the bearer of the rights. This applies especially to the reproduction, storage or retention of data for purposes other than those strictly allowed.

This means that anyone intending to reproduce, store, download, translate, present sounds or images in public or communicate through any other means any document, data or other content in this Web site, for commercial purposes, must obtain prior authorization from the CQLD.

Furthermore, when using this work, in the broader sense, no person can erase the name of the bearer of rights or modify its content, by addition, subtraction or otherwise, without adversely affecting the moral rights.

The CQLD guarantees integrity of information at the moment it first is uploaded on the site and not thereafter; it is in no way responsible for any document, data or other content that has been altered or changed in any way, whether it has been downloaded or not. Furthermore, in the case of a discrepancy between the official text and the content of this website, precedence is given to the official text.

Archived Publications of the Comité permanent de lutte à la toxicomanie

The CQLD makes the archived publications of the Comité permanent de lutte à la toxicomanie available to Web surfers in the Archives Section. The Intellectual Property of these works falls under the Government of Quebec. To determine the restrictions in respect to this matter, the user should refer to the “Provisions for protecting the Intellectual Property Rights of the Government of Quebec” at: