My independence matters to me!

What is it?

« My independence matters to me! » is an awareness workshop aimed at grade 7 students.


  • Grade 7 students

Thanks to this workshop, I can ignore drugs and find more fun things to do.

Loyola High School

It was great and if anybody needs help, I will know what to tell them!

Loyola High School

I believe this was an amazing presentation. I can tell you are extremely reliable. It’s fantastic!

Loyola High School


Led by the Maison Jean Lapointe, this awareness workshop is aimed at grade 7 students. Since 2008, over 200 000 young people have taken part in its activities. Trained facilitators give the 60-minute presentation. Participants are invited to interact with the facilitator on the topics that are discussed: types of drugs, their effects on the brain, mechanisms and symptoms of addiction, key protective and at-risk beliefs about addiction that teenagers hold, avoidance strategies and available resources. At the end of the workshop, students receive a microbook containing easily accessible and useful information from the presentation.

In the days leading up to the workshop, a poster and leaflet are sent to the school for staff members. The leaflet describes the objectives of the workshop, its content and the prevention messages that should be communicated to help school staff members prepare to answer any questions students may have after the workshop. The material also provides teachers with educational reinvestment options to enhance the target impacts of the awareness activity.

The My independence matters to me! workshop seeks to increase the standards, beliefs and protective behaviours that most grade 7 students have already assimilated. By the end of the activity, students will be encouraged to take part in the My passion matters to me! contest and send a video, photo or text that describes their passion to be featured on www.monindependance.ca. Monthly winners receive a prize directly connected to their passion.

Thanks to support from the Fondation
 Jean Lapointe, the My independence matters to me! workshop is offered free in high schools across Québec.

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