Mission & activities


The Addiction Prevention Center (APC) is a non-profit, independent organization. Its scope of concern covers all aspects of addictions that affect the population’s well-being: alcohol, illicit drugs, medications, tobacco, problem gambling, cyberaddiction, etc.

The APC’s mission is to support anti-addiction measures in Quebec and Canada by contributing to the advancement and transfer of knowledge in this area. To fulfill its mission, it values the exchange of expertise among all concerned stakeholders, and strives to make organizations and the public aware of the issues that stem from addictions.

Key activities

Informing and raising awareness among the population

  • Prepare and disseminate accurate, pertinent and accessible information on the facts and risks related to addictions and make it available to the public;
  • Ensure the adequate transfer of information through media in order to correctly raise awareness among the general population.

Support the stakeholders in the field

  • Follow research developments in the field of prevention and treatment of addictions at Quebec’s, Canada’s and international levels;
  • Create partnerships in cooperation with organizations that pursues anti-addiction goals;
  • Providing, specialized studies, notices, guides and tools to put scientific knowledge to its best use in solving problems that stem from addictions;
  • Disseminate apposite scientific knowledge leading to the development of better practices (Web site, newsletters, conferences, etc.);
  • Promote the development of evidence-based, efficient practices.

Sustain a communication network with partners

  • Develop a communication network with partners pursuing anti-addiction goals at local, regional, national and international levels;
  • Enrich practitioners reflection through the dissemination of knowledge, directions and actions required to fight off addictions;
  • Reinforce the most promising initiatives (clinics, community-based, educational, judicial, etc.);
  • Provide and facilitate access to tools and guides for practitioners.

Monitor the evolution of addiction-related phenomena

  • Collect, analyse and synthesize reliable data with regards to addictions;
  • Analyse the general situation in Quebec pertaining to addiction-related issues and identify key tendencies concerning:
    • the use of psychotropic drugs, problem gambling, anti-tobacco initiatives etc.;
    • the damaging effects caused by their use;
    • the new emerging phenomena;
    • the solutions to problems noted in different areas of intervention.