What is it?

Preventing increased consumption among at-risk youth


  • All secondary students


This targeted early intervention prevention program is aimed at teenagers whose drug or alcohol use is at high risk (yellow light) according to DEP-ADO, a tool designed to identify the problematic use of alcohol and other drugs, developed by Recherche et intervention sur les substances psychoactives — Québec (RISQ).

The APC computerized the DEP-ADO tool to meet the specific needs of the program. Apt individual also includes a second online questionnaire to collect data on beliefs, attitudes, subjective norms, personal efficacy, intentions and individual behaviours with regard to drug use. Then, a program analyzes the data and automatically generates a tailored intervention plan that integrates the principles of motivational and cognitive-behavioural approaches. The intervention requires five to six individual weekly sessions, each lasting approximately 50 minutes.

The program will:

  • create divergences (cognitive dissonance stemming from the motivational approach) to drive a change in at-risk beliefs and behaviours;
  • restructure at-risk beliefs through objective arguments (stemming from the cognitive-behavioural approach);
  • set out options to foster change (list of personalized strategies);
  • strengthen protective beliefs in teenagers.
The APT Addiction Prevention Integrative Strategy
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